Happy Sunday everyone!

It has been a great day for registration today in Huntsville, Alabama! Our five churches have all arrived safely, and they are all excited and ready to get started in the morning.

This afternoon, our participants enjoyed some free time with our Praise Band Kevin and Jordyn Boyer while our adults met with our Project Coordinator, Jeremy. Our participants got to have some fun with games while they had the chance to earn some food line and shower passes.

This week we have seven squads working here in the Huntsville area. At their sites, squads will be roofing and painting.

After registration and dinner, everyone attended worship led by Kevin and Jordyn Boyer, and then heard a message from our PC and Worship Speaker for the week, Jeremy Jones. Tonight, he brought us a message about how we as believers are not dead in sin. We learned that by our faith in Jesus, God has brought us back to life.

Later tonight our participants had the chance to meet their squads and have some time to chat before heading out onto the worksites tomorrow morning. They assigned squad positions including a medic, breakmaster, reporter, and a chaplain.

All of our participants are excited and ready for tomorrow, and can’t wait until the great sendoff in the morning!

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Your Summer Staff,

Jordan and Will

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