Volunteer Roles

Get Involved. Make A Difference. Change The World.

Would you like an opportunity to be the hands and feet of our Lord, working with enthusiastic students with a desire to change the world? Are you gifted in the area of construction or are you just simply willing to be used? Could you find the time to dedicate one week of your time to sleep in a school or church, eat cafeteria food, smile, laugh, encourage, and make a difference in the kingdom of God?

If you answered yes, Mission Serve would like to hear from you. There are five adult volunteer roles crucial to the operation of Mission Serve projects. These volunteers work under the supervision of the coordinating team who coordinate all the work at the project.


Construction Volunteers

Constrution Captain: A Construction Captain is someone who can bring construction skills and experience to a Mission Serve project. Construction Captains will partner with the Squad Leader to serve as the leadership on the squad. Construction Captains are assigned a particular work site and will train and coordinate the work of a squad of 10-12 participants. Participants range in age from junior high to senior citizens. Construction Captains are a non-paying participant. Please click here for an application.

Supervisor: A supervisor is a volunteer who assists the construction coordinator at the project in work site selection and oversees the actual work of approximately five Construction Captains and their work sites. Supervisors are chosen by the construction coordinator who reviews applications. Supervisors are a non-paying participant. Please click here for an application.

Runner: A runner is a volunteer who assists the construction coordinator and supervisors in delivering materials and tools during the project. Runners are a non-paying participant. Please click here for an application.

For construction volunteers (Supervisors, Construction Co-Captains, and runners) Mission Serve will cover travel expenses up to $150. This will include mileage for a personal vehicle and meals. Construction volunteers traveling with their church will not be reimbursed for mileage. Construction volunteers are reimbursed for mileage incurred during the project and registration fees are waived. For any construction volunteer not coming with a church and wanting to bring their spouse, the registration fee for them will be reduced to $60. If the construction volunteer and spouse are coming with a church group, the spouse is considered as a part of the church group and will be expected to pay the full fee.


Non-Construction Volunteers

Squad Leader: The Squad Leader at construction projects serves as partner with the Construction Captain, helps to organize the structure of the squad, delegates necesssary tasks to squad members, and acts as an encourager of the squad. The Squad Leader is an adult who is appointed by the project coordinator. Squad Leaders are required to pay the registration fee. Please click here for an application.

First Aid Coordinator: The First Aid Coordinator is trained and certified in basic first aid. The person filling this position is chosen by the Project Coordinator to provide basic first aid as needed for the injured and ill participants at the project. The First Aid Coordinator is a non-paying participant. Please click here for an application.

Summer Staff

Our Summer Staff consist of 2 paid positions. These positions are an Administrative Project Specialist (APS) and the Technical Project Specialist (TPS). The APS works closely with the project and construction coordinators to assist with group registration, squad assignments, adult/group leader meetings and everything in between.  Basically the APS helps run the show.  The TPS works closely with the speaker and worship leader to produce worship each night.  They also make it to all the sites to shoot video for the Mission Cam and take the squad photos.  Basically they produce the show. If you are interested in being on our Summer Staff, please click here for an application.


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