Birmingham – Friday

Happy Friday everyone! Its hard to believe that the week is already over.  All eight of our squads were able to complete all of the work at their job-sites. This week we had squads painting and roofing. After a long final day of hard work we all came together for our...

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Birmingham – Thursday

What a terrific Thursday we had here in Birmingham! All of the squads set out to their job sites very early this morning ready to accomplish a lot of work, and they did just that! A few of the squads were able to completely finish at their homes. We are excited to see...

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Birmingham – Wednesday

Another day is in the books here in Birmingham with our squads enjoying a refreshing afternoon off from work. It's hard to believe that we are already half-way through the week! God is doing big things here in Birmingham, and all of the participant's dedication is...

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Birmingham – Tuesday

Another day of hard work here in Birmingham, Alabama!  All of the squads are working really well together and accomplishing a lot. Even though it was a really hot day our squads did not slow down! We even have a few squads that have worked so hard that they are almost...

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Birmingham- Monday

Happy Monday everyone! What a wonderful and busy day we have had! We started off our morning with songs, prayer, and laughter during our Opening Celebration. Everyone is energized and ready for a week of hard work and sharing the gospel. Today was our first day...

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Birmingham- Sunday

Welcome to Birmingham, Alabama! We are very thankful that all of our church groups safely arrived here this afternoon. This week we have churches from North Carolina, Louisiana, Illinois, and Georgia. We are also excited about getting to spend time with people from...

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Birmingham, AL – July 9-15, 2017

Mission Serve will be partnering with several local agencies to bring a project to Birmingham in 2017.  The city of Birmingham has partnered with multiple organizations through the years to rehab substandard housing.  This project will include a lot of roofing opportunities as well as general repairs.  This is a great project for groups looking for major construction.

Spots Available 185

Project Info

Project Coordinator
Kelly Hibbs
(205) 948-4981

Construction Coordinator
Lee Hibbs
(205) 948-4981

Westwood Baptist


Thomas Herman

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