Forest City – Friday

What a wonderful week we have had in Forest City, NC! It is crazy that the week and all of the projects of this summer are already over! This week we had around 130 participants working on roofs, painting, repairing or rebuilding decks, and helping at a soup kitchen...

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Forest City – Thursday

We had another great day in Forest City! Lots of work was accomplished as some of the squads joined one another to help finish up at some of the worksites. As our week comes to a close, our squads are finishing up their worksites and have done an amazing job!  Rain or...

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Forest City – Wednesday

Another day is in the books in Forest City, as our squads were able to enjoy a refreshing afternoon off from working! Some of our squads did experience a little bit of rain this morning, but they were still able to get a lot of work done. Since it was a half day, our...

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Forest City – Tuesday

Another day of hard work here in Forest City!  All of the squads are working really well together and accomplishing a lot. Even though it was a really hot day our squads did not slow down! We even have a few squads that have been working so hard that they are almost...

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Forest City – Monday

We have had a marvelous Monday here in Forest City! To start off our first day at the worksites we began with our Great Send Off.  This was a lot of fun and we had a time of prayer to get everyone ready for the wonderful week ahead. This week we have squads repairing...

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Forest City – Sunday

Happy Sunday! We had a wonderful first day here in Forest City! Each of the squads were hosted by local churches this morning. They have volunteered to provided lunches to each squads everyday throughout the week. We are very thankful for the hospitality and the...

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Forest City – Saturday

Welcome to Forest City! We are very thankful that all of our churches from North Carolina, Michigan, Maryland, and Virginia were able to arrive here safely this afternoon. Once everyone was settled in we had our Opening Celebration! During this time participants sang,...

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 Forest City, NC – July 22-29, 2017

Mission Serve will once again be partnering with Rutherford County Housing Partnership in Forest City, North Carolina to rehab substandard housing. The work will include roofing, painting and general construction. Forest City is a very rural location in Western North Carolina with a large population living in poverty. This is a great project for groups looking to make an impact for Christ to the people of North Carolina.

Spots Available: 25

Project Info

Project Coordinator
Jason Ballard
(704) 915-8886

Construction Coordinator
Dave Adams
(443) 876-4611

Florence Baptist

Austin McKinnis

Rusty Stroupe

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