Juana Diaz, PR

July 7-14, 2018

Juana Diaz, PR

July 7-14, 2018


What is Juana Diaz like?

Juana Diaz is a city on the southern border of the island of Puerto Rico. What makes this project so unique is that it offers a full overseas missions experience without the added costs of passports, immunizations, and high-price airfare. Puerto Rico is United States territory, making this project one of the most convenient and affordable options for an overseas experience.

Population: 47,308
Poverty Level: 52.7%

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What is Mission Serve’s relationship?

Mission Serve Juana Diaz is only possible through the relationship we have built with Iglesia Bautista El Mesias, Victor Morales, and the City of Juana Diaz. The incredible hospitality of Iglesia Bautista El Mesias will make your group feel welcomed immediately to Puerto Rico. Pastor Victor Morales has led the construction of over 500 homes in the city of Juana Diaz through a variety of missions organizations. We are looking forward to our third summer serving alongside Victor, his church, and the City of Juana Diaz.


What kind of work?

  • Building Homes from the Ground Up
  • Roofing
  • General Construction


Spots Available: 85
This project is limited to 9th grade and up.


Project Coordinator

Jared Case
(205) 792-8839

Construction Coordinator

Victor Morales




Jared Case


Northport Baptist Church

Local School

Puerto Rico is an island filled with adventure. Your group can go snorkeling on the coast or explore the rain forest. You can also spend your off day on a variety of beaches near Juana Diaz.

Being a year removed from the experience permits one to better determine the trip’s long term impact, and it has been a good one. The growth in faith and piety of those who participated has been sustained and continues to this day. Every participant found the experience life altering. I highly recommend this mission trip to any church’s student ministry.

David Gibreath

Pastor, Eatons Baptist Church


2018 Mission Serve

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