Juana Diaz – Friday

Happy Friday! What an awesome week we've had in Juana Diaz! Thank you for following along as we've serving in this community over the past two weeks. Charlie squad completed the ground-up worksite today. This worksite was just a slab of concrete two weeks ago, but...

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Juana Diaz – Thursday

Happy Thursday! This week is flying by in Juana Diaz. Our squads worked another full day on the worksites. They were able to get great progress done, and even finish up one site! Tomorrow they will finish up their work in Puerto Rico and prepare to bring back home all...

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Juana Diaz – Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! Just a short check-in today. Our squads are working half of the day, and then are off this afternoon to explore the island! Some groups are headed to check out waterfalls and beaches, while others are going to snorkel and swim in the bioluminescent...

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Juana Diaz – Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! We've had another great day in Juana Diaz. Despite the heat, our squads are making great progress on their worksites. One squad may even finish tomorrow and head to a new house. Jared has challenged each of us at this project to share the Gospel at...

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Juana Diaz – Monday

Happy Monday! Our squads had an awesome first day on the worksites. A lot of the work being done this week is building on work that was done last week. Squads are finishing up inside walls, putting on roofs, and finishing other tasks. Our goal is to make these homes...

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Juana Diaz – Sunday

Happy Sunday! We've had an awesome day in Juana Diaz. Our last group arrived safely today, and we spent the day worshipping and preparing for the week! This morning we attended the church service at Iglesias Bautista El Mesias. Worshipping in both Spanish and English...

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Juana Diaz – Saturday

Hello again from Juana Diaz! That's right, we are back for another week in Juana Diaz. As our groups from last week left this morning, our groups for this week arrived. Unfortunately, one of our groups missed a connecting flight and won't be arriving until tomorrow...

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Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico – July 15-22, 2017

Mission Serve is partnering with the city of Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico and local churches to bring volunteers to the area in 2017. The construction based ministry work will consist of new construction for low-income families. Lodging will be at a local camp or school. Groups will be responsible for travel to Puerto Rico, as well as renting a vehicle during the week of the project. This is a great project for groups looking to take that first step in international missions.

This project is limited to 9th grade and above.

Spots Available: 30

Project Info

Project Coordinator
Jared Case
(205) 486-3762

Construction Coordinator
Victor Morales

Local School

Northport Baptist

Jared Case

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