Juana Diaz – Friday

Happy Friday! Week one has come to a close here in Juana Diaz. It has been an incredible week for our participants working on this island. Our participants spent their last day finishing up the work on the worksites and enjoying the time with their new friends....

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Juana Diaz – Thursday

Happy Thursday! We are nearing the end of this week in Juana Diaz. Our squads only have one more day to complete their work before heading back to the states. Echo squad has been getting to know their homeowners over the week, and the homeowners asked about Bibles on...

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Juana Diaz – Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! The participants had a productive half day on the worksites this morning! This afternoon, the participants had a well-deserved afternoon off.  Our groups ventured away from the lodging facility to enjoy the water! One group went to a nearby beach...

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Juana Diaz – Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! It's been another great day in Juana Diaz. Some rain showers in the afternoon may have slowed us down a bit, but the rain brought some much needed cool air to our lodging facility. The squads had another full day on the worksite. Today, Alpha squad had...

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Juana Diaz – Monday

Happy Monday! We have successfully completed an awesome first day on worksites in Juana Diaz! Our five squads headed out to the worksites for the first time this morning after a group prayer led by speaker, Brandon Roney. The squads are all working on homes in Juana...

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Juana Diaz – Sunday

Happy Sunday! It had been a truly awesome day here in Juana Diaz. This morning, we worshipped at a local church, Iglesias Bautista El Mesias. We worshipped in both Spanish and English with the local population and listened to the message given through a translator by...

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Juana Diaz – Saturday

Happy Saturday from Puerto Rico! It has been an awesome day in Juana Diaz. Our groups arrived safely after many hours of travel ready to settle in at our lodging facility. We ate dinner, then worshipped in the courtyard to praise God for how He is going to move this...

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Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico – July 8-15, 2017

Mission Serve is partnering with Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico and local churches to bring volunteers to the area in 2017. This project will include a good mix of construction and different types of ministry. Lodging will be at a local school. Groups will be responsible for travel to Puerto Rico, as well as renting a vehicle during the week of the project. This is a great project for groups looking to take that first step in international missions; as well as groups looking for ministry and construction.

This project is limited to 9th grade and above.

Spots Available 10

Project Info

Project Coordinator
Brian Morales
(939) 253-1502

Construction Coordinator



Brandon Roney

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