Savannah, GA

June 10-16, 2018

Savannah, GA

June 10-16, 2018


What is Savannah like?

Savannah is a beautiful and historic city on the coast of Georgia.

Population: 144,352
Poverty Level: 26.5%

sources: datausa, U.S. Census Bureau


What is Mission Serve’s relationship?

Mission Serve has been serving in the city of Savannah for over 15 years. This project is made possible through our partnerships with Life Church at Ardsley Park, the City of Savannah, and the Savannah Baptist Association.


What kind of work?

  • Mostly Roofing
  • Some Ramps


Spots Available: 189

Project Coordinator

Tony Gualtieri
(740) 361-6513

Construction Coordinator

Phil Burgess
(706) 491-1928


Toby Robinson


Maddi Sullivan

Life Church at Ardsley Park

3802 Bull Street
Savannah, Georgia 

Explore the Savannah Historic District for a variety of museums, churches, mansions, monuments, and more.

Depending on the current season, you can enjoy a minor league Savannah Bananas baseball game.

Go to the beach! Savannah is known for the beautiful Tybee Island.



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