West Frankfort – Friday

Happy Friday! We have had a great last day in West Frankfort.  While we had some rain in the morning, the sun came out after lunch!  Several of the squads teamed up together to finish up some roofs.  The participants are tired, but they are proud of the work they...

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West Frankfort – Thursday

Greetings from West Frankfort! We have had a great day in West Frankfort.  All of the participants were rested up from their day off and were ready to get back to work.  The squads have all been working hard on their roofs and at their ministry sites.  We have...

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West Frankfort – Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! The participants had a well deserved day off today.  They will be back on the worksites tomorrow morning ready to work! Check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see more of our West Frankfort Project. Also don’t forget to send ServeMail to...

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West Frankfort – Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! We have had another productive day in West Frankfort. The squads have all been working hard on their roofs and at their ministry sites. Even though it was hot out today, the participants did not slow down! They have been ministering to their homeowners...

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West Frankfort – Monday

Happy Monday! What a great first day on the worksites! All 127 of our participants were given a big send off as they left for their first day on the job. The squads were able to accomplish a lot of work because of the beautiful day here in West Frankfort. Tonight at...

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West Frankfort – Sunday

Happy Sunday! What an awesome (and busy) day our groups have had in West Frankfort! This morning our participants headed out with their squads to churches in the community to worship.  These churches were gracious hosts and will be providing the squads with lunches...

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West Frankfort – Saturday

Welcome to West Frankfort! We have had a great first day in West Frankfort!  Four churches arrived at First Baptist Church of West Frankfort this afternoon. The participants are excited to start a week of serving the Lord! After a long day of traveling, the...

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West Frankfort, IL – June 17-24, 2017

West Frankfort is a new project to Mission Serve in 2017.  Groups will be partnering with First Baptist Church to show the love of Christ.  This rural community in southern Illinois has a poverty rate that is twice that of the entire state.  West Frankfort is a great project for those groups that are looking for a new place to serve and an opportunity to show the area what Mission Serve is all about.

Spots Available: 45

Project Info

Project Coordinator
Christian Robinson
(618) 663-8910

Construction Coordinator
Mike Randolph
(618) 218-1650

FBC West Frankfort

Never 2 Late

Jared Case

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