Happy Sunday!

What an awesome (and busy) day our groups have had in West Frankfort!

This morning our participants headed out with their squads to churches in the community to worship.  These churches were gracious hosts and will be providing the squads with lunches this week.

After lunch, the squads had the opportunity to visit the homes they will be working on.  The participants came back from their visit excited to help repair some of the homes in the community.

The participants ended the day with another great night of worship.  Tonight, our speaker, Jared discussed how serving others is a requirement in our Christian walks.  Jesus showed us what it means to serve, and like Romans 12:1 tells us, we are to strive to be like Christ.  Jared challenged the participants to remove their filter of pride and to go serve.

The participants are excited to go out on the worksites tomorrow!  Please be in prayer for the participants, homeowners, and all of those involved in this project.

We are excited about our day tomorrow!  Check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see more of our West Frankfort Project. Also don’t forget to send ServeMail to participants this week!

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In Christ,
Molly and Thomas
Mission Serve Summer Staff 2017

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